Feedback from the first 10 schools we visited…

  • A total of 636 pupils and 31 members of staff attended the workshop
  • 97% of teachers rated the presentation as Good or Excellent
  • 100% of teachers rated the speaker as Good or Excellent
  • 100% of teachers would recommend Retune to another school
  • 574 out of 636 pupils (90%) rated the workshop as Good or Excellent
  • 601 out of 636 pupils (95%) would like Retune to visit their school again

What the pupils said they learned:

  • Everyone has mental health in different ways
  • You can draw your feelings
  • You shouldn’t be afraid to show your emotion
  • That our mental health is connected to our creativity
  • That anything is possible and that everyone has feelings
  • I learnt about mental health and how to deal with stress
  • That songs can be ridiculous but if it makes you feel better, it’s great
  • Music is powerful and can bring joy to the world
  • Not all emotions are shown on the outside
  • I learned that whatever you are thinking, feeling or doing can become a song
  • How to play music and express myself
  • I learned that everyone is different and you should follow your dreams
  • That you can’t see mental health
  • The different parts that make up a song
  • I learnt about mental health and physical health. You can express how happy you feel, and don’t let anyone tell you you’re bad
  • That you can follow your passion and be yourself
  • I learnt about mindfulness and to have fun when you sing!
  • How much fun music and singing is. Funny enough I want to write a song…now!
  • I learned today that you should follow your dreams and not give up on what you want to be
  • Even if you think you can’t do something, still try
  • That creativity is something you can get lost in
  • How music and anything you can get in to can help mental health
  • That mental health isn’t a bad thing and it can be sorted
  • I learnt that no one can tell you you aren’t good enough. All that matters is the fact that you’re having fun
  • I learnt that sleep and diet affects your mental health
  • That you can express yourself through music
  • Doing something you like can calm you down
  • Everyone has mental health and anyone can write a song
  • I learnt there’s more to people than you think
  • Your friends are going through the same things as you
  • There is always someone there for you and you can talk to anyone
  • If you share ideas you can create many things (like songs)
  • You should not let others put you down
  • You lose yourself in creation
  • To follow your dreams no matter what
  • I learnt that not everything is perfect and if you sing a song it can calm you down
  • That a little creativity and uniqueness can go a long way
  • To not wish for your dream to come true, but wake up one morning and make it a reality with effort. Never give up
  • You can write lyrics based on anything that’s on your mind! 🙂
  • I learned that we have to look after our mental health and we can express it in many ways
  • I learnt that music can change the way people think
  • It’s not all about what you’re good at that counts. It’s about what you have fun with
  • Music brings your inner self 🙂
  • I learnt how to make a song and I learnt about mental health and about being creative
  • Be confident and let nothing stand in your way or your passion. Live your way and be independent
  • I learnt that you don’t have to be famous to succeed

What the teachers are saying:

  • Fitted in so well with the PSHE Healthy Lifestyle topic. Really age related. The children loved the opportunity to sing and make their song. Could easily be a little longer with slightly more focus on the issues. Great session.
  • Students really enjoyed the song writing
  • Good interaction with pupils, keeping their attention
  • A really good, fun session
  • Good to promote wellbeing through arts
  • Kept the pupils busy
  • Great workshop. Important that children and young people deal with adversity and feeling overwhelmed
  • The children seemed to engage and it provided an insight into how we all need an outlet to stay sane!
  • Great concept! Great singing voice too!
  • Our children were engaged from start to finish. I am positive they took everything on board
  • Please come back again
  • We would love you to come back and work with us again
  • Good for children to realise there are other outlets for their feelings
  • I loved the feeling that all children could create a song
  • The singing really lifted my spirits! It was nice to see the children all smiling and joining in
  • Really good to get children talking about mental health – thank you!

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