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Tom Ryder


Hi, I’m Tom. I’m a professional musician and journalist who has performed and worked all over the world. I also have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.


During my times in hospital in my early 20s, I noticed that my fellow patients were using creative outlets as coping mechanisms to make sense of their situation. Some were writing songs and singing, some were writing poetry while others were drawing or dancing.


I founded Retune because I believe there is a very strong link between creativity and mental health that deserves to be explored further.


Just like fine tuning a musical instrument or altering the frequency on a radio, ‘retuning’ your mental health is all about making small adjustments, finding creative outlets and being part of a supportive community.


Would you like to find out more about my story or the project? Email me at

Greg Camburn


Hello I’m Greg, Chair of Retune CIC. I am a self-employed management consultant specialising in governance, particularly in the Third Sector.


I have worked in the City for 17 years and was CEO for a small but well-known local cancer charity. I also work with Just Enough UK Ltd, a company that educates young people about difficult social issues such as hate crime, radicalisation, knife crime and modern slavery. I too am a professional musician.

I have always been acutely aware of the connection between mental wellbeing, creativity and music.


I am incredibly proud of Tom and the team for creating a fabulous, non-profit organisation that I am certain will go on to assist a great many people, not only by raising awareness of the issues surrounding wellbeing, but by allowing people to know that they’re not alone and that music and creativity can really help. It’s helped me! Drop me a line at

Tom Rountree


Hi, I’m Tom. I’m an audio engineer, DJ and teacher of Music Technology.


I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was a teenager and always found that throwing myself into music was a great remedy.


I’m hugely proud to be part of what Retune is doing. We started small; local gigs with a handful of people who wanted to leave their troubles at the door and immerse themselves in the music. This is the basic principle behind what we do and as we grow, we aim to encourage more people to actively use music to help them through difficult times by coming together and performing, composing, producing or simply listening.

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