What Guides Us?

Music & Mindfulness

Retune harnesses the power of music to promote wellbeing and mindfulness. We explore the strong link between creativity and mental health, providing a safe space without judgement to increase confidence and resilience for our community.

The statistics say that 1 in 4 people encounter mental health problems. The truth is that everyone has mental health, and experiences highs and lows. Just like fine tuning a musical instrument or adjusting the frequency on a radio, there are times when we all need to make alterations in order to get ourselves back on the right wavelength. That is what the Retune project is all about.

Find Your Frequency


Everyone has different methods for stress relief, using outlets to express what they feel and make sense of what’s inside. Music is extremely powerful and transformative, and provides relief from stress whether you are listening to it or performing. Retune celebrates this, and all forms of artistic expression.

What We Do


We host live music events, visit schools and universities and produce online content including YouTube videos and podcasts. Our regular shows, based in Bishop’s Stortford, feature talented youngsters, established local performers and high calibre external acts. Would you like to perform or attend? Please email info@retune.org.uk or click here to view our upcoming events.

Who Are We?


Retune was founded by musician and journalist Tom Ryder. Tom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his early twenties, and music has always been his greatest respite.

Read more about Tom’s story and meet the Retune team here.

How Can We Help?


Retune is aimed at students, school leavers, graduates and other young adults who are experiencing challenges with their mental health. But no matter what age we are, we all benefit from stepping back from our busy lives once in a while and tuning out from the world. We experience a lot of 'mental noise' and internal dialogue. Immersing yourself in live music and the arts has been proven to quieten the mind. View our upcoming events here and experience it for yourself.


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