Connecting Creativity with Mental Wellbeing


Retune is a non-profit community project that connects creativity with wellbeing. Our mission is to inspire young people to improve their mental health through creative outlets such as music and the arts. We achieve this in three ways:


Retune Live

We host live music events that promote mindfulness and wellbeing, providing a safe space without judgement where performers and audiences can share songs, stories and experiences. Check out our upcoming events.

Retune Education

We deliver workshops in schools and universities, building emotional resilience and discussing strategies for students to improve their wellbeing by engaging in the creative arts. Find out more here.

Retune Online

We produce online resources including YouTube videos and a podcast. The content features well-known creatives, who talk about the ways that their art is linked to their wellbeing. Take a look at our latest post.
Join us
Explore our events and join our community.
Tune in
Immerse yourself in outstanding performances.
Tune out
Take a break from the world outside.

Our Next Event

What our partners say:

Sarah Bevan

“I love Retune and everything it stands for. After every event I have attended, I have come away feeling deeply soothed, calm and overwhelmed by its power. It is so rare to find a space that you immediately feel safe in. Retune provides an environment that is safe enough to share your own mental health story and which welcomes the lived experiences of others. I welcome the project’s development, as it provides a platform for musicians to share their stories and for everyone at the events to express how they feel. It is magical and refreshing to be in a setting where the pace of life slows for a couple of hours, where emotions can wash over you so naturally, without judgement. As a Time to Change Champion, and a previous employee at Mind in West Essex, it is clear to me that Retune is such an important organisation to help us understand the empirical importance of mental health and wellbeing in our society. I urge everyone to get themselves off the sofa on a Sunday evening, and get down to support it. Well done to all the team – you are blooming fantastic and I hope that you continue to do what you do for many many years to come.”

Sarah Bevan, Time To Change Champion and former employee of Mind in West Essex

Joe Owers

“My work involves me supporting young people to overcome barriers they are facing as they engage with education and work, aiding them to build resilience and skills while maintaining their wellbeing. Herts Mind Network is working alongside Retune as we both have similar goals to promote positive mental health and support the local community. The ethos behind Retune is great, pulling on the benefits of creativity and building social connections in an informal, relaxed environment. Having attended several shows myself, I would 100% encourage people to come along, as the calibre of talent is so high and I have had a great time every evening, feeling really welcomed and enjoying all the amazing artists that performed.”

Joe Owers, Specialist Youth Mentor at Herts Mind Network

What Guides Us

Music & Mindfulness

Retune harnesses the power of music to promote wellbeing and mindfulness. We explore the strong link between creativity and mental health, providing a safe space without judgement to increase confidence and resilience for our community.

The statistics say that 1 in 4 people encounter mental health problems. The truth is that everyone has mental health, and experiences highs and lows. Just like fine tuning a musical instrument or adjusting the frequency on a radio, there are times when we all need to make alterations in order to get ourselves back on the right wavelength. That is what the Retune project is all about.

Find Your Frequency

Everyone has different methods for stress relief, using outlets to express what they feel and make sense of what’s inside. Music is extremely powerful and transformative, and provides relief from stress whether you are listening to it or performing. Retune celebrates this, and all forms of artistic expression.


What we Do

We host live music events, visit schools and universities and produce online content including YouTube videos and podcasts. Our regular shows, based in Bishop’s Stortford, feature talented youngsters, established local performers and high calibre external acts. Would you like to perform or attend? Please email or click here to view our upcoming events.

Who Are We?

Retune was founded by musician and journalist Tom Ryder. Tom was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in his early twenties, and music has always been his greatest respite.

Read more about Tom’s story and meet the Retune team here.

How Can We Help?

Retune is aimed at students, school leavers, graduates and other young adults who are experiencing challenges with their mental health. But no matter what age we are, we all benefit from stepping back from our busy lives once in a while and tuning out from the world. We experience a lot of 'mental noise' and internal dialogue. Immersing yourself in live music and the arts has been proven to quieten the mind. View our upcoming events here and experience it for yourself.


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Another fine, fine evening of music as the nights begin to draw in and everyone feels like getting nice and cosy. October Retune offered true variety: mind-boggling acoustic guitar playing, witty piano-led lyrical songwriting and a ferocious and super-tight trio.

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It can be a tricky time to gather an audience during an August show, with many people away on holiday. But those that did turn up to our August event were treated to some fantastic musicianship. We saw some old faces and some familiar ones in the crowd, and none of them would have left disappointed.

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Retune In June was our first all-day event and the weather was exceptionally kind to us – it was baking! As with our regular events, Retune in June included live music from 6-9pm, but this time we were lucky enough to add the comedic stylings of Steve Bugeja mid-afternoon, and before that we held an open mic from 1-3pm in … Continue reading

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